"How You'll Achieve Total Financial Freedom"

Need to spend more quality time with the family?
Tired of watching your 401k turn into a 101k?
Fed up with your  J  O  B?
Credit Issues a barrier to buying a home?
Feeling insecure about 'retiring' on Social Security?
Unable to buy the 'Goodies' you deserve?
Do you feel like you're on a train...not knowing where it's going?

You’ve found the site that can change your life.
The information contained changed ours and scads of others.
Read on to see how to achieve this freedom, quickly.
Begin building your 'retirement income stream' now.
We’ve uncovered an amazing property investment technique

without...CREDIT or a DOWN PAYMENT

and we'll share it with you!!

We know, you’ll be shocked to hear how many home owners will call you and ask you to take their home, with nothing down!
These are NOT foreclosures or preforeclosures or bank owned properties!!!

"How to Make Thousands in Real Estate
without Money or Credit"

We've solved the Puzzle

You know someone who’s made a fortune in real estate…
But how did you do it?
How do you get started?…
How do you avoid getting burned?…
What if you have blemishes on your credit?…
Heck, what if you have lousy credit?…
How much real money do you need?…
What if you get stuck with a lousy home?…
What if you’re no financial wizard?…

We solved all that.
If you'd like financial freedom here's how we did it in 'Hoosier Land' and
why you can do it in YOUR city, quickly...without CASH or CREDIT.

Why Real Estate?

We’ve looked into all sorts of investments.
You know.... stocks, bonds, mutual funds.
A savings account.
Hah, we never seemed to save anything.
Gold coins, jewelry, stamps… they seemed waaay tooo difficult.
But Real Estate. Hmm!

It’s everywhere and they’re not making any more of it.
It's a natural for building your financial portfolio.
And you already have some experience with it.
We know here’s what you'll like about investing in Real Estate with no money down:

  • Start immediately and without money, partners or credit
  • Large supply of sellers and buyers
  • Works everywhere 
  • No large investment or franchise fees
  • Work from your home…with or without family involvement
  • Large positive cash flow, quickly
  • Strong, continuous monthly cash flow
  • Build your investment portfolio quickly
  • Work solo, as your own boss
  • Work part time, full time, or overtime
  • ‘Work’ while on vacations, trips, etc. or vacation while ‘working’
  • Set your own hours
  • Achieve your own financial goals
  • Build your own 'retirement' program
  • Build an investment portfolio
Successful Investors Reveal Their Hyper Effective Seller Financing Technique

Well, we found some of the most successful investors and got them to share their most powerful secrets.
When we first met them they astonished us when they said,
“Most people are too busy earning a living to make any money. You can buy real estate in your city, with nothing down. Pretty homes in nice subdivisions, from sellers who will call you and ask you to take their home….We do it every day.”
Are you too busy?

Does this work quickly??
Here's a recent email from Chris Y, in Minnesota...

You are never going to believe this but it is absolutely true!!!

A few months ago I was invited by a friend to work in Las Vegas. We put out 10 thousand fliers and had about 10 good calls. Unfortunately, I was brand new at the presentation and had little success. My partner got frustrated and told me that I misled him with the whole "Subject To" concept. And decided he didn't like me anymore. Some partner!!!!!

Well, I began to like Vegas and returned last week to try my luck and managed to lose a large portion of money. I returned to my room trying to think of how I was going to replace my loss. Ironically, a call came to my cell from a motivated seller from our original flier campaign. She shouted "Can you buy my house in less than 7 days." I was shocked!

Thank God I remembered the material in the course. I brought my laptop to her house and went over the round table sheets.

Ok hang on now!!!!

This house is three years old and had a market value of 179k. I managed to get the house for balance owed at 160k. Her making the next two payments (thank you Charlie). That was Thursday the 8th. To top it all off the house was vacant. You can guess what I did next I'll bet.

I immediately ran an Lease/Option ad Fri/Sat/Sun which is almost unheard of in Vegas. Also, made a trip to the courthouse. The phone started ringing. Realtors wanting to list it and an occasional tire kicker. Well, Sunday payday came. The buyer....

$5k down cash
$1,245 monthly
$179k option price
12 month term at $200 a month positive.


I brought home $6,245 in cash and will have a back end of about $14k. Not bad for someone who let Vegas get the best of him!
Thank You for your continued support.

Note: This email was sent by Chris...we haven't verified his results.

Hi Bob,
My testimony has been on the Get the deed web site for awhile.

I wanted to report that I just cashed out on that Las Vegas home to the tune of $15,356.00.

I will be purchasing a new car since mine blew up last night.
Wow isn’t life great!
Chris Yearling

Note: This email was sent to us by Chris...we haven't verified his results.

Avoid the 5 Most Common Mistakes in Building Wealth

Did you ever dream of waking up rich?
Are you looking for a passive stream of income?
You know, the income you receive while you sleep.
We show you how to achieve total financial freedom in 30 months or less, working part time, buying homes without money or credit.

How is this possible???
We shared this concern....
Until we bought our first home…then our second…then our third…all in 5 weeks.
From sellers that paid us to take their homes and thanked us when we did.

‘'What kind of homes are these???".
Look at the homes below…Pretty homes...nice subdivisions .
Nearly everyone who avoids real estate looks at the wrong types of homes.
Have you been looking in the wrong places?  Why??
Read on...

We buy pretty homes, in nice neighborhoods.
The kind of homes that you’d like to live in.
You don’t need the help of your relatives or friends.
This isn't a multilevel anything!.


I wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you. A year ago today I put my first sign up. I diligently applied the principals and tactics you and Randy and Charlie taught in your “Get the Deed” program and have had wonderful success.

I am happy to report back that after only one year I know own 19 properties worth approximately 3.5 million dollars! There is approximately $380,000 in equity and a monthly cash flow of about $3,000. I collected about $81,000 in option payments and had sellers pay me another $32,000. And I was cautious about the deals which I would accept.

This year I have plans to double my first year results and it’s all thanks to you and your training course.

Scott Phillips
Denton, Texas
PS: I have some of my sold houses still on web page if you’d like to see them. It’s www.eprettyhomes.com .

Note: This email was sent by Scott Phillips...we have not verified his results.

So, How Does 'Subject To' Work?

Imagine a system that provides you with enough income to quit your job, quickly.
Well, we were shocked when we found it.

That was when we met 'Charlie' and Randy France and Bob Meister.
They've been investing in Real Estate for years and finally documented their unique technique that makes buying pretty homes....almost automatic.

Put your mind at ease about Real Estate Investing Using Seller Financing!!

  • We get paid to buy!
  • The mortgages stay in the seller's name!
  • These homes are in every city!
  • Works in todays economy!

You still want to know how this works, don't you?
We did, too!
That's why we tried their system and finally convinced them to share it with you.

During one short period last summer, they monitored the actual time to buy 3 homes.
From first call through recording the deed, they averaged just 4 hours and 40 minutes per home!

Compare that to other investor techniques where you have to argue with people in foreclosure, make up back payments, send out scads of carefully crafted letters, make repetitive trips to undesired neighborhoods or deal with arrogant FSBO sellers....ugh?
You don't assume the mortgage, since that would require bank qualifying, closing costs, delays, credit checks, etc.
You and the seller sign legal agreements that give you possession of the home (you get the deed) and another agreement that says you'll be making future mortgage payments.
BUT, the mortgage stays in the seller's name.


Read that again...
Commercial preprinted Sales and Purchase Agreements frequently bury this technique in the financing section as 'Subject To'. That's where the name comes from.
'Subject To' is on the Federal Government's HUD-1 form...it's legal.

Now, this little known technique is but a small portion of what's in the comprehensive materials provided.
Truly, a Get The Deed System, ready to work for you in your city.
By now, you know you'll receive the materials that take you from Ground Zero...assumes you know nothing about Real Estate Transactions, or how to set up your business, or how to advertise, or how to talk on the phone...This system is designed for you, regardless of your background or previous experience. We take you from Novice to Expert.

By the way...if what you were doing before was so successful...why aren't you doing that now?
Randy, Charlie and Bob benefit from the Get The Deed system every day.
This material is what they use every day...not 10 years ago, in a different economy.

To develop the Get The Deed system, they refined what they had been using to a laser focus.
They typically attended 6 to 8 workshops per year for the past decade. They were buying and selling homes like 'transaction engineers'. We spent many hours listening to their latest deals.

Hi Bob, Randy and Charlie,

What a great job! Absolutely the best I've seen. I can't say enough about the professionalism, quality, and content of the A B C's of Subject To as well as your E Z Lease To Own course. Not to mention your Auto Fill Forms, Slam Dunk Deals, and Auto Profit. Auto Profit alone is priceless.

These courses have made me take a much harder look at the way I have been conducting my business.
My bottom line has already improved simply by implementing a couple of ideas.

I had never been PAID to take someone's deed until now.
$3,800.00 in payments on one house and
$3,200.00 in payments made on another. 
This is "found money" and it is going right to my bottom line profit.

I look forward to meeting all three of you to thank you in person for taking the time to share your experience and knowledge through these fantastic courses and software programs.

Respectfully yours,

Mike Helms
Cornerstone Development and Home Buyers
a division of Cornerstone Development of Union County, Inc.
1205 Miller Street
Monroe, N.C. 28110-3026

Note: This email was sent by Mike Helms...we haven't verified his results.

Finally, it dawned on us...
Why not document what they're doing now?

Not the techniques that they previously used.
We wanted to use their most successful technique.
Plus we wanted the most sure-fire way to buy the kind of properties that we wouldn't be embarrassed to own.

That's when we noticed that they were quietly selling their rehabs, duplexes, fixer uppers, and low buck homes.

What they were buying was pretty homes in nice neighborhoods.
Homes like we would live in.
Homes in growing subdivisions.
Homes that needed no repairs.
These homes are easy to find.
Every city has them.
But we needed to know how WE could find them.

Boy, were we wrong.

The homeowners found us.
Homeowners called us
at the rate of up to 5 per week.
Asking us to buy their home.
Thanking us when we took their deed.
How can this be?
There must be a catch. We'll there is.….

"You have to think like a seller."

That's where these investors rise above the pack of other investors.

They've done so many deals that they're inside the seller's minds.
That's what we finally got them to document.
They tell you how and why this works.

By the way, 'Charlie' and Randy aren't Real Estate gurus.
They're a married couple that are 'nuts and bolts' people.
They answer their phones, meet with sellers, sign their contracts and continue to refine their expertise.
Bob Meister is a 'retired' engineering executive that had been involved in real estate development and investing for years.

Together they made available the most comprehensive, step-by-step guide for buying homes 'subject to' the existing mortgage.

They assume that you know nothing...
and carefully guide you to their level of expertise, quickly.

They've been showing other's how to Get The Deed, all over the country.
They developed the most comprehensive Subject To materials you've ever seen.

Read from the 320 page manual and listen to the 16 hours of audio information.
Listen as they thoroughly explain the keys to successful investing.
Oh yes, they also provide 3 CDs worth of forms, contracts, graphics and special reports.
And 6 hours of video.
And another 176 page Update Manual.
And 11 hours of newly edited audio, keyed to the Subject To Update Manual.
Whew! This material satisfies both the 'thinker brains' and the impulsive types.

These materials are the most extensive documentation that shows what works and explains everything.
'Charlie' short for Charlene came up with the title for the material. She said, "This business has been so good to us that we want to give something back to anybody who will listen." Charlie continued, "We want this to be a step-by-step manual that eliminates every reason for not investing in real estate. Most people just need help with their first one or two deals. We want to give them everything that they'll need to get those deals completed."

Enough said.
You get the idea.
This material IS everything that you'll need to buy pretty homes with nothing down, from sellers that will thank you.

Oh yes, we also show you how to sell these homes so creatively that you'll wonder why you haven't noticed our technique before.

Well, we could go on and on, but since you're with us this far, you want to know what it takes to get started.

We've taken everything that Charlie, Randy and Bob had to offer and then put it on the 'net. Put the manual on a CD (if you like to print paper pages or view on your PC). Created CD's of all the forms, contracts, signs, etc. in MS Word format (so you can get started quickly).

And we offer audio CDs and Video CDs of their workshops.
Plus we included an Update manual to give you the latest Subject To info.
See, we told you that we got everything that we could from the experts.
You pick the media that you want.

Now you have every reason to become financially independent...obtain money freedom.

If you feel like you've been riding the 'train of life',
now is the time to direct your future.

By the way, you can become a Real Estate Investor part time.

Charlie, Randy and Bob take trips, attend seminars, have a great life, and they buy 20 to 30 homes per year.
They kind of 'cherry pick'.
They spend a lot of time answering faxes, emails and phone calls from other investors. They're the kind of folks that just can't seem to say no to helping others.
That's why you'll benefit from their efforts.
With their blessings!

Subject: Re: Subject to questions...

Thanks for all of your help with the information you have provided. In this day and time refreshing people with great attitudes such as yourself are a rare commodity. I would like to know that in the future I could email you with updates, opportunities, and yes, probably more questions from time to time. You really seem to know your business, and believe me, I have been reading this forum for a long time, you are one of the few that do not mind helping others out in search of their own wishes and dreams!!

Thanks and keep in touch,
Jeff T.


Pretty  Subject To Homes

3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath 1800 Square Feet, Split Level. 1 year old home. Purchased, Took Possession and Leased 2 days after purchase in June. Seller transferred out of state. Builder's mortgage subsidy still in effect.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

3 Bedroom, 2 Baths, 1500 Square Feet, Ranch. 18 months old. Purchased in December, Possession in January, Lease in March. Received $4,500 down, $200 monthly cash flow. Is winter a 'bad' time? Seller took new job out of state.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, 1800 Square Feet. Split Level, 1 year old home. Purchased in September, Possession in October, Leased in 2 weeks after taking Possession. Seller took new job in another state.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath, 2500 Square Feet. Two Story, Full Basement, 2 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in August. Divorced couple wanted out of home.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

4 Bedroom, 2 1/2 Bath 2200 Square Feet. Two Story, 3/4 Basement, 2 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in August. Seller were downsizing and wanted relief from monthly payments.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1300 Square Feet. Ranch, 4 year old home. Purchased in July, Possession in August, Leased in November.

Pretty  Subject To Homes

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1100 Square Feet. Ranch, 5 year old home. Purchased in June, Possession in July, Leased in October. Seller transferred from area. Wanted rapid sale of home.

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1800 Square Feet. Split Level, 5 year old home. Purchased in July, Possession in August, Leased in September. Sellers transferred from area. 'Our home was listed for 3 months with no chance of a sale.'

order now

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 1800 Square Feet. Split Level, 5 year old home. Purchased in July, Possession in August, Leased in September. Sellers transferred from area. 'Our home was listed for 3 months with no chance of a sale.'

Posted by Dick Chelten

In Reply to: Subject - 2 Courses & Materials posted by Vesper:

Bought their ABC's course, Auto form, Auto Profit, EZ Lease to Own and Slam Dunk deals. Am currently reading Finkel's Subject to course. Concurrently reading Bronchik's Land Trust course. All add some little nuance that the other hasn't.
However, always faithful to that first special one, I love the "Indiana" course system because it is just that-a system. From beginning your biz plan concentrating on newer homes, to easily calculating your profit every time you speak with someone on the phone, to an automated method to prepare your paperwork at the push of a button. You can't go wrong unless you don't use it... How can you lose?

Why would anyone pay YOU to buy these homes?

That's simple...sellers expect to pay a Realtor's™ fee and closing costs.
That's 'if' the Realtor could sell their home.
We expect sellers to pay us, since we're buying their home.
Our approach relieves the seller's concern about when they'll sell their home and for how much.
Our advanced techniques reduces the seller's stress in selling their home...
That's why they thank us.

Email Recently Received

To: bob@getthedeed.com
From: Chris Yearling

Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I have invested in properties for over ten years and never in my wildest dreams did I think someone would deed me their house. The house was vacant and the sellers were halfway to Vegas relocating. I received my Grand Kahuna package last week and did my first deal. I can't believe it. I haven't even gone through the material yet. I asked for the deed and got it!

List price-119,000
Loan Balance-97500
PITI- $ 920.48

The best part was I sold the house on a lease option today to a friend for $134,900 with $3000 down and 1190/mo. Bob, do me a favor and tell Charlie and Randy I am having a Garage sale because the house was furnished so I asked for all of it to be included.

There is no way I'll sleep tonight!


Note: This email was sent by Chris Yearling...we haven't verified his results.

How will the Get The Deed System work in your area?

We show you how to cherry pick, just like we do.
You see, you can use the system to buy almost any price home, but we recommend buying the homes with the highest demand.
Why not be picky?

By the way, this is a convenient technique to buy your own home...
with nothing down-Use Seller Financing-Use Subject To

Or buy a home for a relative and get paid by the seller to buy it!

How will the Get The Deed System work for me?

You don't need special knowledge...we provide that!
We assumed you're starting as a novice.
We provide the background information to form your own company, set your financial goals, handle the accounting, advertising, telephone scripts, special reports and more.
This course could have been called the ABC to the XYZs, but we just shortened the manual title to the ABCs of Subject To.

We provide everything you need to get started.

We actively buy homes, so we know what info you need to be successful.
Not the useless, outdated stuff that the guru’s tell you.
We've bundled the inside info on how to be successful.
Our manual is the ‘ABCs of Subject To’.
We chose that name because we want you to get all the step-by-step information needed to be successful.
Here’s just a small sample of what’s covered:

  • The easiest ways to attract motivated sellers
  • Where and how to buy signs, business cards, etc.
  • How to protect your rapidly increasing investment assets
  • How to reduce or eliminate investment taxes
  • How to negotiate killer deals with sellers
  • The latest, proven techniques for filling your homes quickly
  • Simple techniques to calculate your profit before you buy
  • How to fill out forms and contracts without an attorney
  • 4 top advertising techniques that work
  • How to avoid the 5 deadly mistakes in buying real estate
  • How to deal with Sellers in foreclosure and bankruptcy
  • How the pro’s get control of the negotiations with sellers
  • The right way to buy pretty homes with nothing down
  • How to make a profit and be secure with second mortgages
  • A complete package of all the paperwork, blank and filled in samples
  • How to leap ahead of other investors in just 3 weeks
  • How to get paid to buy your next home...live in a pretty home now
  • How to buy a home for your children or parents and get paid to do it


From the response that we've seen from our reviewers and customers, we know you'll be happy with your purchase.   Comments thus far have ranged from a simple 'outstanding' to something like, "We've never seen such a comprehensive collection of material, that will virtually assure success to a new investor."

Hey Bob!

I received the Update CD.
I really appreciate that.
Professional as always.



As stated by Ron LeGrand, "This is the most comprehensive course ever offered on how to achieve financial independence by buying pretty homes in nice subdivisions.  Charlie and Randy have shared their vast knowledge.  This trend setting technique can quickly build your real estate portfolio."


An e-mail from Troy Williams reads as follows:


Subject:  Re: Why Should You Invest in Real Estate?

Thanks Bob, for that refreshing story.
I have gotten 2 deeds in two months and I'm only doing this part-time (due to my commitment to the Air Force) but this job is fun. I got a tired landlord dying to sell this house of his, which I will take a look at after work.
Man, you talk about having fun at this.

Troy H. Williams


You Deserve It... Don't You?

You've probably been working hard all your life.
Struggling to get ahead.
Feeling like you'll never build a wealth package.
Well, quickly you'll enjoy your first steps to financial independence using the 'ABCs of Subject To'.
You'll get all these benefits:

  • Enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve
  • Buy homes while vacationing
  • Let your business pay for your trips
  • Buy homes on the phone...avoid needless trips
  • Work when you want and where you want
  • How to buy homes located only minutes away
  • Work smart, not hard
  • Make money while you sleep
  • Achieve instant credibility in your new business
  • Step by step guide to building wealth
  • No fear negotiating
  • How to spot a good deal in the first 30 seconds
  • How to out flank the 7 most common deal breakers

We've done the work.
Now you'll benefit from the knowledge and experience of the experts.
Many of the deals shown net both back end profit and monthly cashflow.
Within 10 days of reviewing our material...
have motivated sellers calling you.

Isn't it... time to invest in your future?

Act now
, don't procrastinate. Inaction is your only obstacle.

Contact Randy@getthedeed.com